Welcome to the Vaktober Throwback WikiaEdit

Welcome to the Vaktober wikia! This wikia is just a throwback to the old Mixels Wikia event in vaktober. Apparently, a lot of people were in love the holiday (including me. lol), and miss it, so I decided to revive that memory. Enjoy it, you guys!

P.S If the creators want me to get rid of this wikia, then ok. It will have to be revived for another day. rip.

This is also a backup wikia.

I am NOT the creator of Vaktober. Green Ninja is. I just created this wikia.

Dictator of the wikia is User:MarsupialSpy. Agentpman1 was overthrown.

Jk. Agentpman1 is still the owner. lel

'XxCAMILLOTxX makes a lot of nutshack jokes and he's MLG!!!'

-Camillot The Medivel Mixel, (a.k.a castle boi) 20XX

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its the nutshack

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