Agent made a few pranks on the Mixels wikia, but got bashed for them. He then died. But he came back. =)

Rokit tired to get the Admins to change, but he failed, and he was killed. It's unknown where he is now.

Classic tried to stop the Admin by becoming Classic the Crimah. But he failed and melted into blocked slime.

Jennyfer tried to become the longest lasting one, but because of backstabbing mini by accident, she died.

Because CMR and Tung were nice people, they decided to give Agent another chance. But sadly, CMR quit his adminship a few months later, and Tung is the same, but in a new body account. He's nicknamed "Babe" now.

Dog lasted for a long time. he made friends with people, and tamed some Undertale users like THERETURNOFTHEGREATPAPYRUSAGAIN, Sansthesizlordskeleton, and Wingdinggagsterboi. He also had reunited with his family in his later days.

One day, Toa and Dadaw betrayed Agent, and Zooty told them to keep Agent dead forever. Dadaw and Toa smashed him with a bash hammer 8 times until he became nothing but blocked dust.

as the auto ban virus started to kick him on him, he slowly started dying. And he turned into nothing but IP banned dust.

Then Emily came on. But it's unknown what she's gonna do now. =)

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User:Jennyfer i forgot the name lol






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